Sunday, June 28, 2009

SanO' and Eve Fletcher featured in my new book: The Wonder Years

For the past two decades I’ve traveled the country chronicling the lives of aging adventurers and amateur athletes who defy the conventional wisdom about what it means to grow old. I was inspired by my grandfather, Jake, who lived until a healthy age of 94 and never stopped doing the things he enjoyed. My interest in the exploits of older athletes evolved into my becoming the official photographer for the National Senior Games, which I’ve followed since 1989. I’ve learned that vigorous seniors like my grandfather actually aren’t that unusual. What is unusual is to read about them or see them featured in any meaningful way in our youth-obsessed media and culture.

In my new book, The Wonder Years, you’ll find some memorable moments from the National Senior Games, along with portraits of other extraordinary seniors I have met in my travels. They include my good friend, Laguna Beach surfer Eve Fletcher, who is her eighties and still hanging ten at Sano, her favorite Southern California beach for the past fifty years. Three days a week, I surf with Eve at Sano and she’s something else. As she says, “I don’t think you can be too old to be stoked.”